Thursday, January 8, 2015

Introducing "Radiant Red" – A Fusion of Science and Design

by Nancy Lockhart, Axalta Color Marketing Manager

Welcome to Color Block!  This blog, sponsored by Axalta Coating Systems, will examine and share information on color.  Axalta created its Automotive Color of the Year campaign to further share our color expertise with our automotive original equipment manufacturer and refinish customers, custom painters, as well as consumers.

Radiant Red is Axalta’s North American Automotive Color of the Year.  It’s for the driver with confidence.  It’s for the person who doesn’t mind a little attention.  The color is made from Cromax® Mosaic low VOC solvent-borne paint with Vermeera technology.  It has attributes of deep, rich chroma with sparkling effects that dance in the sunlight.  

Vibrant reds are quickly becoming an automotive trend.  You can also find this hue standing out in home interior accessories, cosmetics and fashion.  Jewelry and sporting goods industries often feature reds as well.  Oh, yes, the color makes a statement.

As the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) kicks off this month in the Motor City, we are reminded of colors from the past and anticipate the concept vehicles of the future.  From hot candy red muscle cars to dark red pearl sedans and solid red trucks, historically, red has been one of the top five popular colors according to Axalta’s Global Automotive 2014 Color Popularity Report.

Deep rich versions of red are trending on a variety of automotive vehicles and heavy duty trucks as well.  In 2014, red’s popularity grew in North America by three percent over the prior year according to the Report. 

Throughout 2015, Color Block will embrace color trends and feature guest bloggers from a variety of industries to share how color is integrated into their work.  Like Mona Lisa to da Vinci or a supermodel to a fashion designer, we find that color is often a muse. It helps us demonstrate our personal style.

When you want to be bold and show your power, drive red! Go ahead, be noticed.