Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Are You Ready to Fall in Love with Red Again?

The color red is ubiquitous throughout cultures around the world. Red is a color that can convey a range of emotions – no two are exactly the same and none of them are boring. Now, it seems car buyers in North America are falling in love with red again.

In fact, data compiled in Axalta’s 2014 Global Automotive Color Popularity Report shows a larger percentage of red vehicles on the road in North America than in any other region.

Traditionally, our love for red in North America has focused on the bright and rich shades. At Axalta, we strive to deliver vibrant, dynamic versions for all types of vehicles that may differ in size, usage and shape.

The latest color trends and technologies – including the popularity of red  are exhibited on Axalta’s trend forecast display, “Color Matrix.” Today’s trends indicate that light and bright reds are perfect for small and sport vehicles, while dark versions with depth and hue variance, are targeted for large vehicles and SUVs. To help gain an understanding of how the shade will appear on a vehicle, we paint colors on irregular shapes to demonstrate how they will look on both curved and straight surfaces in differing light conditions. For those who need to see immediate results, we digitally render color concepts on specific vehicles in our color design centers, including our newest center located just outside of Detroit in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Of course, new technology plays an important role in the change-over of new colors.  One of Axalta’s newest innovations -- our line of Vermeera™ color technology -- offers deep, rich reds as well as blacks that you can get lost in. So, while North America is leading the wave of reds, expansion of Axalta’s chroma in reds is timely, as markets in every region are seeing an increased interest in red.

Check back here at the Color Block for more on how we are expanding color choices for Light Vehicle OEMs here and around the globe. Just like red, I bet you will fall in love.

by Nancy Lockhart  Axalta Color Marketing Manager