Friday, March 6, 2015

Demand for Radiant Red Gemstones Heats Up in 2015

By: Peyton Kelley, Senior Manager of Product Development, Jewelry at QVC

Gemstones that are red or shades of red are one the hottest gemstones of 2015. Rubies, rubellites (fine red tourmalines), pink sapphires, and rhodolite garnets are on fire not only in America, but around the world. Rubies are making a big comeback this year. Not available in the U.S. for many years, new mines are now producing the true radiant red gemstones that many of us associate with fine rubies. Our buyers at QVC travel the globe and partner with direct mine sources in search of these fine jewels, each with a remarkable radiance and unique story.

The world’s demand for gems with shades of red has caused many of these gemstones to be classified as exotics. This passion for red gemstones has also led to another hot trend in the jewelry industry which is the use of rose gold. Many of these radiant red gemstones are now set in rose colored gold which highlights their deep rich tones. Rose gold plating on silver is also being used by many of the top jewelry designers today. Just as in karat gold jewelry, gems such as rhodochrosite, rhodolite, and pink opal are now being set in silver with rose gold plating offering consumers a more affordable option.

Many of today’s top jewelry designers are also incorporating red and shades of red into their couture lines as well as their exclusive designs for QVC. For example, Barbara Bixby utilizes rhodolite garnets in many of her designs often combined with black sapphire pave. The recent launch of the Scott Kay collection at QVC also included several styles with garnets. Award-winning designer Judith Ripka recently launched a jewelry collection in pink sapphires while offering many of her core metal pieces in rose gold clad.

Red and shades of red continue to be important in all aspects of the jewelry business including designer, gold, sterling, and gemstones while remaining a hot commodity among today’s consumers.

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About Peyton Kelley
Born and raised in Louisiana, Peyton developed an interest in gemology early on in life. He has a graduate gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America and has since accrued more than 30 years of experience exploring nearly every facet of the jewelry industry from buying, manufacturing, and sourcing to marketing, design, and development. Peyton has been with QVC for nearly 17 years. In addition to his role as Senior Manager of Product Development for Jewelry, he is also a QVC on air guest for Affinity Diamonds, gemstones, and artisan crafted jewelry. Peyton also has a Master’s in Marketing and International Business from Tulane and a BBA in Finance from Southern Methodist University. 

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