Friday, March 18, 2016

Madness in Brilliant Blue

By Matthew Boland – Axalta Coating Systems Product Director

Everyone’s favorite college basketball tournament is finally upon us, and the color experts at Axalta could not help but notice all the teams and fans dressed in blue. Maybe they caught our eye because Axalta’s North American Automotive Color of the Year 2016 is Brilliant Blue. Nevertheless, here is a quick look at some of the notable blue teams that hope to take home the title:

·        University of Michigan – A hometown favorite here in Axalta’s Detroit-area facility, it is not uncommon to hear some of our scientists utter “Let’s Go Blue!” around this time of year.

·        Duke University – The “Blue Devils” are always tough to beat with the legendary Coach K at the helm and are a tournament favorite.

·        University of North Carolina – The Tar Heels are a number one seed, and they stand out in their “Carolina Blue” uniforms.

·        University of Kentucky – The team from the blue-grass state is often referred to as “Big Blue” and their fans the Big Blue Nation.

·        Middle Tennessee State University – The Blue Raiders won the Conference-USA tournament and face a tough Michigan State team early.

Blue is obviously a winning color, and there will be a sea of Brilliant Blue players and fans throughout this tournament. Good luck to all the student athletes, and especially one of Axalta’s favorites- The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors!

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