Friday, July 17, 2015

Radiant Red from Head to Toe Puts on a Fabulous Show

By Lisa M. Miree-Luke, Head of Axalta Corporate Affairs-North America

Ladies, when you wake up in the morning and put on a red dress does your walk change to a sashay?  Gentlemen, correction…single gentlemen--when she, whoever she is, walks into a room in a red dress is she the one you immediately notice?  When you want to make a statement, do you go for the red power tie?  Would a bride ever put her bridesmaids in red dresses when it’s her day?  Silence.

We can change our clothing at a drop of a whim, but what if you were born with this bold, vibrant color on your crown and glory that only a bottle of dye could offer you a break from standing out?  Would you?  Could you or should you simply roll with it like Lucille Ball, Julianne Moore, Rita Hayworth, Prince Harry and “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts?  Afterall, there are so many things that are radiant red like the beautiful Chevrolet RS Camaro with ground effects that I had my first, second and third car accidents in.  Sure, it was brand new off the lot, but at 16-years old my powers of persuasion had already peeked and my mother couldn’t say “no” to my pressing need to drive her new red car.  Oh yes, I was a frequent body shop customer in my teen days.  I totally helped build the industry I work in now.  And not to mention, Axalta’s Automotive Color of the Year 2015 is “Radiant Red”.  So if this vivid color looks so great on the road, why wouldn’t it look great on someone’s head?  Professional writer Kimberley Lovato, the author of a recent American Way essay titled “Pretty Red on the Emerald Isle,” wasn’t always so sure.

Kimberley Lovato, Author

Chants of Pippi Longstocking, Carrot Top and Ginger rang in her head, as she shared with me how she was teased growing up redhead in Los Angeles.  Sidebar, really, LA?!  You needed one more blonde?  So what’s a redhead girl like Kimberley to do, but go to Ireland for some affirmation, appreciation and confirmation.

Kimberley wrote in her essay: “Redheads are found in more concentration on the British Isles than anywhere else in the world, and I had read before my arrival that an estimated 10 percent of the population of Ireland has red hair.  At social events back home, my red hair made me feel like a zebra at the horse farm, but in Ireland I could always count on three or more members of my homogeneous herd roaming about.”

Even more uplifting, Kimberley fondly reminisces about her beloved grandfather calling her “Pretty Red.” As the sole redhead in her non-Irish family, and what seemed like in all of LA, his wisdom encouraged her.  “You’ll spend your school years trying to fit in, and the rest of your life trying to stand out.  Consider your hair a head start,” he would always tell her.

Kimberley has since embraced the color red.  She bought a red bikini, wears red dresses, and shows off her red hair every chance she gets.  Atta’ girl, “Pretty Red.”

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Lisa Miree-Luke with No. 24 Axalta Chevrolet SS painted in Radiant Red.

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